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Get Health and Wellness Discounts through Blue365

Great deals and healthy living are yours as a Blue Medicare Advantage member. Simply sign up at Blue365, an online destination for members where you can get savings for every aspect of your life – including financial health, fitness and healthy eating to name a few.

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Enjoy a Fitness Membership at No Extra Cost to You

SilverSneakers® is a fitness program included in your Blue Medicare Advantage plan that offers free access to amenities such as fitness equipment, pools and fitness classes geared to older adults of all fitness levels. You can also participate in health education seminars and fun social events with others who share your interest in a healthy lifestyle.

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Staying Healthy – Your Preventive Services

Preventive Services are activities such as health screenings, exams, shots, and lab tests that help you stay well and find health problems early. Preventive Services can potentially improve your health and well-being. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City encourages you to take advantage of the Preventive Services that are easily available to you.

A complete list of covered services can be found in your Evidence of Coverage.

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